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If there’s one word I could use to describe Australia, it would be ‘big’. But I’m a travel writer, so that would be a bit lazy.

Australia is vast and it’s dynamic. From the deep culture of the cities, to the rich landscape of the Outback.

There’s the nature, the food, the heritage, the people. And there’s such variety in every pocket of the country.

That’s why I started Travel Australia Today, to show you the best things to do Down Under, with plenty of practical tips and lots of advice from locals (including myself).

Kakadu visitor guide
Exploring Kakadu National Park in the NT

I have been a journalist for more than 20 years. After working in radio and television in Australia for a decade, I started travelling the world full time and launched my blog, Time Travel Turtle. It has more than a thousand stories from dozens of countries.

But even as I was flying from continent to continent, I always had a dream to come home and focus on my own country. Travel Australia Today is the realisation of that dream.

I’m now exploring all the wonders of Australia, from the big cities to the small villages, from the famous landmarks to the hidden gems, with plenty of natural beauty along the way.

At the southernmost point of Tasmania

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